Thanks to every single one of you who's watched one of my shorts on Youtube, I'm able to create fun new animated content every day! Everything from fast-paced pop-culture mashups like Super Mario BustersTrains-Formers, and The Triforce Awakens to more original pieces like Xombie: Dead Ahead. Every single like and share helps spread the love. For those of you who might want a way to get more involved, and contribute directly to helping me make more awesome stuff, now you can do that, too! 


Thank You Board

Daniel Alexander
Sandro Roncarelli
Renato Grigoli Pereira
Stephen Carville
Gethin Jenkins
James Crumpton
Mike Henry
Juan Duque
Greg Shaw
Hunter Mayer
Alex Landau
Lisa Gidley
Maximilian Becher
James Carlson
Jarmon D Maxie
Alex King
Scott Wilke
Andrew Figueroa
Shin Coldfire
Lev Ginsburg
Eric Smith